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- Carry out all procedures related to the management of services offered on the web (making contact to other users). Address and answer the submissions received and the maintenance of historical relationships.

- This web site belongs to the company UP3MEDIA SL CIF number: B-61835393, domiciled at Av Portal de l'Angel 7, 08002, Barcelona, ​​(hereinafter "PMC").

The following policies and rules are part of these terms and conditions governing access and use, and generally, the relationship between "PMC" and registered users on this website, without prejudice to other communications, conditions and particular instructions or specific .

1. Free

In order to carry out all procedures related to the management of services offered on the site offers a free space to users.

To this end, "PMC" will provide the user with adequate technical resources, prior to the delivery of content who wish to publish on the website, have access to these Legal Terms and Conditions or any other relevant information, and give their consent in order to "PMC" for the processing of the contents of the Users. It is considered that the user has explicitly consented to these Terms and Conditions to enforce the submission of your personal data through the forms added to the effect on this webpage as a User for inclusion in the database data "PMC."

2. Password

"PMC" will allow users to comply with the registration process on the website, the data access it through your email. Data access include:

a. user name
b. password

The username is the email of the user while the password is automatically generated by the system.

The User undertakes to make diligent use of this data access, not to make them available to third parties and communicate immediately to "PMC" the loss or theft of your password and can access a third party. In this regard, you are responsible for the security of their data access.

The User accepts responsibility for all activities that occur under your username and password. The user should take particular note:

• Ensure that no unauthorized person can get the password.
• The user is required to change or cancel your password immediately if you are aware or suspects that another person or third party knows, uses or has used the password. If this is not possible, "PMC" should be notified immediately. In this case, "PMC" User canceled the account, reset once assigned new passwords.

3. Using the user site

All contents are in the User page is your sole responsibility.

The User warrants that it owns the rights to the content published on the website and taking the free use without limitation "PMC."
The User agrees not to use these services to carry out activities contrary to law, morals, public order and, in general, to conduct commercial activities, or to hold securities in a threatening or friendly. Nor can insult, attack, use words, expressions or graphic-verbal offensive, slanderous, shared by brands, trade names, labels, company names, advertising expressions, names and pseudonyms of public importance or famous for its use is not authorized and, in general, contrary to law or the requirements of morality and decency generally accepted.

If it was discovered the existence of such or similar practices, either directly or through notices or requirements of third parties, may proceed with the removal of infringing content or any other measure deemed necessary, including removing the page complete to avoid continuity in the situation detected. The same measure will apply in case of detection of a use which, by their characteristics such as size, format, etc., hinder the operation of the Website.

The user to send letters / images / voice, etc, "PMC", confirms that:
• It has all the necessary legal rights, including without limitation, intellectual property rights, material and information you transmit or post to this site.
• Assumes full responsibility for any material you transmit or post to this site.
• Do not transmit or send to this Site any unlawful, confidential, defamatory, obscene, threatening, sexually or racially offensive, abusive, harmful or otherwise unacceptable.
• The inclusion of their personal information on this website, you have read and agree expressly Data Protection Policy of "PMC" link on this website.
• You agree to use the space on your page and all contents of the Website in accordance with provided herein, law, morals, good customs and public order.
• You undertake to refrain from using them for illegal purposes, contrary to the provisions herein, harmful to the rights and interests of others, or in any way damage, disable, overburden or impair this Website and its contents or prevent the normal use or enjoyment of them by users.

The User agrees not to:
• Submit any kind of publicity and communications for the purpose of sale or other commercial web page link, or a plurality of people using the web, without prior request, previously authorized in writing.
• Sending any other unsolicited messages, or prior consent to a plurality of individuals using the website.

4. Update

Any updating of the contents of the page User is your sole responsibility.

5. Disclosure of User

"PMC" is intended to carry out assignments or data communications by virtue of Article 11.2.c. Law 15/99 of protection of personal data (the Act) must make to meet their obligations to public authorities where required to do so in accordance with current legislation in each subject at each time and equally applicable to other organs such as judges, prosecutor, courts, Court of Justice or the Ombudsman.

The attention of the user, that any transfer of data that must be performed (regardless of what content in successive paragraphs) will be made aware when the Data Protection Act so provides, informing explicitly, precisely and unambiguously recipients of information, the purpose for which the data will be used, and the nature of the data transferred, or in your case, when the Data Protection Act provides, it shall first obtain the express consent of the user specific and informed.

Also, the user is informed that any personal data are subject to the laws in force in Spain in terms of data protection established by the Data Protection Act and its complementary regulations and development (RD 1720/2007). In this sense, "PMC" is only responsible and ensures the confidentiality of personal data that prompts the user through the website not taking any responsibility for treatment and subsequent use of personal data that could be made by third party service providers of the information society that could access such data because of the provision of services or carrying on their business.

[Third party providers of information society means, without limitation, individuals or legal entities that provide the following services: a) transmission over a data communications network provided by the service recipients. b) Access services to that network. c) storage services or hosting. d) Provision of content or information. Also, "PMC" is not responsible for data processing to carry out the third set hyperlinks to "PMC" or those responsible who through hyperlinks "PMC" refers to its visitors.]

PMC informs you that your data may be transferred to companies related to tourism, and so on. to keep you informed of any developments, casting, promotion, contest or release related to this sector or other sectors deemed of interest.

6. Using E-mail Address

Under the provisions of Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, reported that PMC use the email address provided to inform you of any developments considered of PMC interest in this or other sectors. You expressly consent to the PMC can be used for this particular purpose. Also advised of the possibility of exercising rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of your personal data by writing to: UP3MEDIA SL

Av Portal de l'Angel 7, 08002, Barcelona

7. Suspension or Cancellation of User data

"PMC" reserves the right, without limitation, to suspend any member who violates the terms and conditions, both general web, and the particular users, even if you suspect that a user can be connected (by conviction or otherwise) with any type of fraud or illegal activity in connection with our service, or at any other time, with or without his knowledge. "PMC" shall have no obligation to you if it suspends or terminates the service being provided for any reason "PMC" fit. The User waives all rights that may have had with "PMC" with regard to such conduct. Also, "PMC" reserves the right to suspend or eliminate those contributions or comments violate these terms and conditions of use.

In the case of Personal Profiles, "PMC" can hide the profile if this is judged offensive until the offensive is considered to be eliminated or replaced by what is considered acceptable "PMC." Failure to apply any solution, "PMC" reserves the right to withdraw all or part of a personal profile attached to your page.

"PMC" is dedicated solely to the sale of the personal data provided to users at companies in the advertising industry so they can contact for tourist offers or promotions. In no case would provide the data of our users for other activities other than advertising and information sector.

8. Privacy

The user with the simple data entry, allows irrevocable, free and unlimited "PMC" to publish content on the site give the user, subject to these Terms and Conditions of Use and to publish them in other sections of the page Web.

Also, the user is conscious, is aware and agrees that:
• The information provided by Users will be given to any department or agency if it receives a request, demand or request, and may remove their profile if required by any judicial authority.
• "PMC" may use cookies (files sent to a browser by a web server to log user activity on the website) when browsing the Web sites and pages "PMC"
• Web servers "PMC" can be registered in certain cases automatically the IP address and domain name used by the user, recording this information in a file server activity that allows the subsequent processing of data in order to obtain statistical measurements that reveal the number of visits to Web services, etc..

9. Responsibilities

The User is responsible for all content, both text and pictures, videos and other weighting in your personal profile and content of the messages and opinions that can send and exempts "PMC" from liability for any of these.

The User expressly agrees that use of the Web "PMC" is at your own risk. Or "PMC", nor its directors, employees, agents, third party content providers, sponsors or the like, warrant that the Online Services "PMC" will be uninterrupted or error-free.

10. Personal Data Protection

In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that by completing this form, your personal data will be stored and processed in an automated file owned of "PMC", in order to process your request, and to keep you informed of future promotions, news and developments relating to the advertising industry, television, etc.. Also we inform you that such data may be transferred to companies in the industry (advertising, television, etc.). Related to "PMC" (through an agreement to provide services) are engaged in the production, distribution and marketing of content and search artists, to keep you informed of any news or developments relating to the advertising industry, television, etc.. and to manage their applications properly. Either way you will be informed of any transfer of personal data and indicate the reason of such transfer, the data transferred and "PMC" that such data be transferred if you decided to oppose such transfer. In turn, by virtue of the provisions of Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce "PMC" reports that you can use the email addresses provided to refer you information about our services, notices and tenders and, in general, commercial information of interest on the activity of "PMC" also advised of the possibility of exercising rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their personal data in the following address: UP3MEDIA SL Av Portal de l'Angel 7, 08002, Barcelona.

11. Law and Jurisdiction

These conditions are subject to Spanish law. For any dispute arising from the use of the services offered or for the contents of the website, the parties, the acceptance of these Terms shall be submitted to the Courts of Barcelona (Spain).